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Monday, December 12th marks the celebration of National Postal Workers Day. The Communication Workers Union is proud to highlight the vital role played in communities across the UK by our loyal members who collect, sort and deliver the People's Post - the universal service obligation that guarantees deliveries to 29 million UK addresses six days a week, 52 weeks a year.

National Postal Workers Day is supported by the Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

Andy Moorey, Branch Secretary said “National Postal Workers Day is a chance for businesses and customers across the UK to thank their local postmen and postwomen for their efforts across the year. With today being one of the busiest posting days of the year this is particularly pertinent. Postal Workers are facing threats to their terms and conditions as well as the service they provide."

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Gatwick Mail Centre –
Cricket Champions - 2016

Postal workers from Gatwick Mail Centre won the inaugural Royal Mail Cricket Championship after a “fantastic day of cricket” in Sussex yesterday.

In a hard-fought final, played at Langley Green in Crawley, the local team held off a determined run chase from a talented Birmingham side, after both had come through a first-round pool and a semi-final.

Gatwick MC Captain Shahzad Ali received the trophy from local mayor Raj Sharma, and also won the ‘Golden Batsman’ award after hitting an impressive 110 runs through the four limited-over matches. Joint tournament organiser Abdur Rashid, a CWU rep at Gatwick, said: “It’s been a brilliant day and everyone’s really enjoyed themselves.

 “Many thanks to all the teams, from Peterborough, Jubilee, and Birmingham Mail Centres, from the local Crawley Delivery Office, and of course, the two teams who entered from Gatwick, who all made this a fantastic day of cricket.”

“In the semis, one of the Gatwick teams played Peterborough and the other one went up against Birmingham,” Rashid explained, “and we ended up with a Gatwick v Birmingham final.”

There was some added spice to the contest, with the Midlanders having won the first match between the two sides last summer – but this time, the home side prevailed.

With the number of matches limiting the length of games, the final consisted of seven overs each and Gatwick batted first, hitting 79 runs.

 The visitors replied strongly, reaching 66 with six balls to go, and then needing 10 off the last three, but only managed another three runs and ended on 73 as the hosts grimly clung on.

Birmingham captain Mahmood Ali, who jointly organised the event with Abdur Rashid, said: “Congratulations to Gatwick for winning a great game, although we ran them close and nearly caught them.

” CWU Executive Member Mahmood also thanked all the participants and the spectators, who helped to make this event such a success.

“Let’s hope we can make this an annual event with even more teams next summer.”

24TH – 28TH APRIL 2016
Rules revision

NEC Motions Carried

  • Youth Committee increased from 10 to 20 lay members based on one from each constituency from each region.
  • Free membership for members on sick, maternity, adoptive or shared parental leave not on full pay
  • Special Rules revision conference can be called by NEC or 51% of branches
  • Branches to cover childcare for National CWU meetings, training, briefings

Branch Motions Carried

  • Subs increase rate based on CPI not RPI for retired members
    Branch Delegation: For
  • Regional Safety Forums able to submit 2 motions to General section of postal Branch Delegation: For
    Card Vote: Postal 68,940 to 39,614 in favour TFS 26,756 to 25,573 in favour
  • Youth Conference can send 2 motions to General and 1 to Each Constituency Branch Delegation: For Not Carried
  • NEC motion to reduce RMAC from 12 to 10 (1 from each region) Branch/Delegation: Against

General Conference

Motions Carried against NEC position

  • Law to fine supermarkets/food distributers if proven food waste
    Branch/Del: Against
  • Non industrial executive seats on NEC review by November
    Branch/Del: Against

Motions Accepted by NEC

  • System of shadowing of younger reps with older reps
  • Mandatory branch ballot returns – (30 branches did not return ballot paper on conduct code). Review by 2017 conference

Motions opposed by NEC and Not Carried

Review of Union-line Branch/Del: For

Improvements to CWU website Branch/Del: For

Coalition of Willing’ trade unions to fight Trade Union Bill
Branch/Del: Against

Prostate Cancer screening for over 35 year olds -
Rod Downing spoke in favour

Emergency Motion to remain in European Union - Carried : A cross union campaign, not part of Official Remain Campaign, letter to be sent to members stating case

Motions Breakdown: 17 Carried    7 Not Carried     22 Accepted
                              27 Not reached  6 Withdrawn   2 Fell   2 Remitted

Postal Conference

Motions Carried Unam (Statement Accepts)

  • Members not able to take annual leave – if not resolved by July 16 Group ET claim considered
  • All ASRs and ADR to receive business laptop by Sept 16 with VPN
  • Ill Health Retirement – wider process to establish alternative Mail Centres to inform DOs of vacancies
  • Effects of Single Wave – seek agreement to minimise change, no compulsory redundancies, Special Conference and Reps Briefing prior to ballot
  • Office closures/mergers – Working group in each division with members from each branch
  • Agreements on IR Framework to be issued in one booklet
  • Post Office Investigation Dept – Access to personal mobile policy to be reviewed by union and guidelines issued
  • Grievance Procedure – need for overhaul as not implemted properly by management
  • Part -time Staffing – staffing with part timers regardless of TM1 outside agreements, undermining resourcing procedure. If continues ballot for action
  • Improved access to compensatory/lieu days in any future agreement
  • HR Advice – Advice given in procedures should be in writing with dates and names
  • Dog Attack Compensation Scheme – remove limitations on payments (1-week absence/13 week max payment)
  • Womens Officer training – Women’s Officers to receive training in IR agreement to enable women members to be represented by women rep
  • Revision training – Reps to receive training on revision activity for all types of revision either joint or from union

Other Motions Carried

  •  If Annual Leave not completed by October – individuals able to take leave booked between October and when leave completed. Pursue change of date to end of August
  • ET reinstatement – seek agreement that members who win their case are reinstated
  • Corrective Surgery – seek agreement that any corrective surgery is considered as mitigation in Attendance Procedure
  • Ill Health Retirement – appeals to be heard by independent appeals managers not operational line.
  • New Reps Training – module based training on agreements, processes and revisions at a local level by experienced reps

Motions carried against PEC Position

  •  Part-timers bank holidays credits – PEC to negotiate correct implementation of this and recover any backdated owed Branch Del: For
  •  Agenda for Growth – Business breaking terms in relation to resourcing day to day operations and relationships with reps – legal challenge with test case unit or area to assess national claim Branch Del: For
  • TPM Payments - for overtime worked an attracted machines
    Branch Del: For
  • Transfer Policy – not fit for purpose, transfers be given priority over casual agency contracts. Branch Del: For
  • Precautionary Suspension – should not be recorded on attendance record and removed retrospectively Branch Del: For
  • Attendance Agreement - Appeals at each stage Branch Del: For
  • Sick Pay – Pay being stopped when off sick should not if sick note provided Branch Del: For

Motion Carried PEC in favour – but Branch Delegation against

  • Part Timers Pay – to be paid on worked hours over defined period not contracted hours for all payments (e.g. bonuses, allowances, sick, holiday)

Motions Not Carried PEC opposed and Branch delegation split

  • Bullying & Harassment appeals – appeals if member not happy with result
  •  Attendance Procedure appeals – Mediation/independent review possible rehearin

Parcelforce Motions Carried (Unam)

  • Cease removal of Driving allowance if licence temporarily revoked
  •  Oppose introduction of Georoute/Route Excellence until current agreements adhered to Any attempt to introduce by executive action ballot for industrial action

 Barry Parker spoke on three Motions

Counters Motions Carried

  • Xmas closing times – 24th Dec 12.30p.m 31st Dec half day offices normal time all day 4.00pm. Agreement by 30th Sept or ballot
  • Deputy Area reps invited to National Meetings called by H/Q where Area reps invited
    PEC Opposed Branch Del:For Card vote 29,005 – 19,590
  • Emergency Motion on Post Office Network Carried
  • Need for a growth agenda - Branches to be involved in future strategy /ideas
  • Overarching agreement to include Pensions, Network future, Pay, Threats to supply chain.
  • Government subsidy ends in 2018 – Political campaign to continue financial support

Branch Motions

The Motion on Induction Schools was Statement Accept.

Shelly Banbury spoke for the PEC and covered off all the points in our Motion, although did imply that the branch should have contacted HQ before waiting for Conference. In fact the branch had informed HQ of the situation regarding induction schools many times.

The Motion on two persons on Royal Mail premises was opposed by PEC but not reached

Ian Warrick spoke on a broader Motion from North West Central Amal branch covering lone working which was also opposed by the PEC and was Not Carried. Our motion would have been a second attempt but given the principle had been defeated would probably also have been Not Carried.

Ian Warrick - Leader of Branch Delegation

Leading the Way on Recruitment and Organising

Andy Moorey
Branch Secretary
Trevor Sparshott
Branch Recruitment
Paul Carpenter
Regional Secretary

With us entering another new year, the Branch is again stepping up its efforts to take forward the Unions Organising Agenda. Our objective being very simple; trained Representatives in every office and 100% membership.

Commenting on the latest initiatives from CWU Headquarters, Branch Secretary Andy Moorey said:

“Late last year I attended a briefing organised by the National Union on Organising and Recruitment and one of the main things that came out of the event for me, was that our Branch was already at the forefront on this issue, but that does not mean we can be complacent. We continue to ensure that a CWU Official is present at all of the Royal Mail New Entrant Induction Schools to explain the many benefits of joining the CWU”.

He continued by saying “This is vital in maintaining high levels of CWU membership and I am happy to say, that with the assistance of our Branch Recruitment Officer, Trevor Sparshott and Regional Secretary, Paul Carpenter (pictured above) we persuade the majority of New Entrants joining the Business to sign up.” Another initiative Andy said the Branch were progressing was “targeting offices where difficulties had led to low recruitment in past years. In these offices, we are assisting the local representatives to improve the situation as soon as possible.”

“I am pleased to say, that looking at the overall results of our efforts to date, I am satisfied we are making real gains in all areas. This is so important because in such tough times industrially, it is essential that we keep a robust Union structure in place throughout the Branch.”

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